The Best Investment On Earth Is Earth

- Louis Glickman

Are you thinking of upgrading to a private property but find the incremental price gap to a private apartment rather appalling?

You are not alone as many are in the same shoes because the private home prices have outpaced public housing prices since 2013. Unless you are one of those who have gotten a winning ballot ticket and made a small fortune from your BTO flat, it is not an easy decision to be paying much more for a home yet having the same or even smaller space.

In an effort to help our clients to identify the best deals in the private housing market, we compared all the public and private transactions that took place between 1st Jan 2020 to 16th Dec 2020 to identify the national average to form a baseline.

Then we sort the data from the lowest price gap to identify locations where it is relatively affordable for an HDB owner to upgrade to a private property.