Hey, it’s Jeron here from PropNex wishing you and your family an OXpicious Lunar New Year!

May the joy and happiness surround you today and always.

Choosing an auspicious date to start work after the Chinese New Year celebrations is a traditional belief that supposedly brings about positive results for the person observing them for the rest of the year and here are some OXpicious dates for your reference:

15 Feb, Monday between 1pm and 3pm (clashes and unsuitable for Rats)

18 Feb, Thursday between 11am and 1pm (clashes and unsuitable for Rabbits)

19 Feb, Friday between 9am and 11am (clashes and unsuitable for Dragons)

23 Feb, Tuesday between 9am and 11am (clashes and unsuitable for Monkeys)

Whether you are starting work from home or heading back to office, these are the simple steps to fuflil the act.

  • Follow specific date & time
  • Dress up
  • Make a business or zoom call
  • Send out a business proposal via email
  • Fix a business lunch or meeting

Disclaimer: I’m no Fengshui master, I just googled so you don’t have to.

Have a safe and fun Chinese New Year!